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Welcome to Corpse Paint Records a Punk/Alt/Metal Record Company based out of Southwest Florida that offers you a wide variety of metal/punk/alt musical records and accessories. 

Label founder is a life long Heavy/Punk/Alt music fan who's passion lead to working for International Touring acts, getting off the road the passion was shelved until he noticed the same passion in his daughter, thus ignited the old passion again and they began the journey at a Green Day Concert where now his son has been bitten by the power and energy of live music as well.

So the deep dive of Rock history was on, as the legends claimed their thrones the passion started to grow as did the relationship with his children inspiring Label founder to reach out to an old friend whom he worked for in prior years touring.

With some lyrical inspiration provided, Chris DeMakes wrote a song about One Fathers passion for music his love for his children and the journey they share.

Looking forward to many other exciting releases in 2022 and beyond,

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